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I think, we all know that the managers of Benetton used very ..interesting.. pictures for making advertisement and headlines..


Here are some examples of their newest pictures used in their UNHATE-campaign..






But would it not be wonderful if those pictures would be real? 

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If those pictures would be real, how could we have wars then.......... whether political or religious.........

Have you ever watched the musical "Irma La Douce"?


Too bad. But there is also a nice movie with Jack Lemmon and Shirley Maclaine


That is the power of Adobe Photoshop!!

They all look utterly and completely wasted...

That is why they got their jobs.

You know what they say in Italy about hookers and politicians?

They say politicians are like diapers, you need to change them every day and you know why............ LOL

WOW, that is new. My answer is "That for enough money they do really everything" But  there some limits for prostitutes, I think.


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