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I don't know if you guys noticed, but there is a new tab on bjstuff called "CityScan", I clicked on it a few times but all I am getting is a white page, nothing on it, except the top advertising banner..........


Have you guys tried it?? did you get something??

Does anybody know what it is??


I wouldn't be surprised if my ISP isn't blocking the page from downloading........... but you never know........


Thanks for the feedback


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I got a blank page too. Maybe it's not ready yet.

Thanks Iris, for a moment I thought it was my ISP again........
I guess it's the problem with our browsers :-p
Which web browser are you using, Iris? Actually, if you send a message using the Report an Issue form, it will help because your report will also include details on your computer configuration.

Which web browser are you using, GD? You should be getting a news page with a collection of articles from several sources. It takes anywhere from 5-10 seconds to load...




Also...please, please, please. If there's any issue at the website be it harrassment, spam or a technical issue, please use the Report an Issue link at the bottom right of any page of the website. I'll get an alert and reply right away - usually within less than five minutes. If you post an issue in the forum, it will take much longer to reply or it might not be noticed at all.


Normally I use Firefox, then I tried it with IE and it opened, it took about 30 to 40 seconds to open......... probably I need a plug-in in Firefox to install............


Thanks David,


Nice set up by the way......



Aiya. 30-40 seconds is way too long. You don't need a plug-in since is javascript. I'll have a look and see if it's another problem.
Safari seems to load in about 10 seconds but I agree that Firefox is taking more around 30 seconds to load.

Sorry but Firefox is not downloading at all........... it's just blank except the banner...... I tried with IE again and it took 37 seconds........... 

I don't have safari...........

I was using my VPN and it seemed to be fine but when I turn the VPN off it doesn't seem to load with Firefox.
I use Firefox mostly also. It does not work for me either.


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