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Spring is coming, and girls wear more beautiful and short clothes, that cant not to make man more exited. So, it occurred to me make contest of beauty where girls will open themselves as creative persons, and excite every one with great fashion show. This contest will be held in famous night club, contest will be fulll of preasents, pleasent surprice and of course, there will be a winner in fashion contest of beaty. So, would u like to participate in it? If you woul, so please send information about urself:

1) Name
2) Nationality( name of ur country)
3) Date of Birth
4) Height , parameters, body size
5) 2-5 photos (not professional is ok)
6) ur contact number


 We are looking for all faces, no restrictions on age and growth parameters. If u have any questions, please feel free to contact me  Maria.




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what club will it be held in ?? :P
It will be held in La Vegas Club
yabao lu ^))
It will be held in La Vegas Club
yabao lu
cool is the date confirmed ??? hope it in apirl its my birthday on the 26th :P


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