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Hey guys, let's get this site moving again.


It is not yet that cold, so brave the elements and join me on Tuesday 29 Nov for an "All for one, one for all" social networking evening and get together. It is, as the name suggests, open to one an all.


I promise to listen to any and all idea on how to make this site better and to relay the ideas back to the site owner.


Please also post your ideas directly in this forum


So the event is on Tuesday 29 Nov 7:30pm.

The location is the Zeta Bar, (Hilton Beijing) - easy access from Liangma Qiao Station.

Price 90RMB if RSVP, 150 for Walk-ins


More info here:


Tell your BJ Stuff friends to come and tell your non BJ Stuff friends to join BJ Stuff.


This site can rock! Now lets make it happen.

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great idea I will attend


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