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Hi everyone! I'm moving to BJ two days before the Spring Festival holiday.... that's not a long time to get accustomed to a city so I was wondering if anyone could suggest places to go and things see to make the most of it. I'm not sure what to expect - are there street parades? Festive markets? What is unique about this time of year that I will never see again? I think I'll be living near the metro line so I can get around the city.

So hit me then... any suggestions?

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Hi welcome to Beijing China! Loads of visits await once hit on the hot land:) bjstff will keep you busy in social virtually and practically. metro line expands on all directions like crab. lol


Great, I think my apartment is near a metro station. So where should I to see the festivities... Tiananmen square?

Tiananmen square?It's not a good choice.In the Spring Festival,I an ready to buy some firecrackers(炮竹in chinese).You can find it easily In the stall in street.Firing firecrackers is a traditional activity in the Spring Festival,nearly every family buying them in Beijing,even whole China.Another advice is that you can go to a temple fair(庙会),where you can eat Beijing snacks,watch traditional shows and most importantly,you can feel the atmosphere of the new never should miss it!

If you have other questions,you can contact me through

Good advice, thank! 庙会 sounds great :]


Bro, lets get ready for a great time.  Just let me know what you want to do, and you can count me in.

Haha, currently I'm not sure what to expect. Maybe my employers will have plans and I think some people I know in Shanghai are coming up to BJ for the festival. Err, I should warn you though, we Brits are renowned for being boring haha

Yeah, you Brits are a bloody mess. haha. Just kidding man.  But yeah, I have some friends coming up from Shanghai as well doing that time. 


Fireworks nearly 24/7 in some areas for days (maybe even 15 days if you're lucky)

Empty subways (this seems to be on and off over the past couple years. noticed last year that I was the only person in a car on line 5 train at one point)

Tourist places seem to be packed

Ma and pa style restaurants, street vendors and other small places will close

Most Chinese leave the city to return to home town(i.e. the largest annual migration of people)

Train tickets nearly impossible to get

Must do:

Temple Fair....good food and good time

Well thanks for the replies everyone. Just found it my visa won't be ready in time for the Spring Festival :(


I hope you have a good time thought..!


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