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We’re putting together some important research on the shopping experiences of expats and foreigners in Beijing.  What do you find hard to buy?  Are products and services expensive in Beijing?  Got an opinion? Take 2 minutes to fill out our online survey. 

It takes 2 minutes and all responses are confidential and anonymous.

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Are you doing marketing research?

Hi Helen.  I actually run a website and we are putting together some research on what expats find hard to buy in Beijing and their general shopping experience. Do you work in market research?

It's market research, but we want to share the overall results publicly.   Would you mind taking the survey online.  If you have any other friends who are interested, please let them know too.

yeah, i am in the marketing research company.

i will go and check it out. :)

I finished it, it seems quite interesting.

can we see the results of these survey?


Yes Mike, of course.  We will be publishing shortly.  We will send to media (anonymized results obviously).

Best. Paul

man,u need to add more stuff to your site.

btw,good work done...


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