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I love my boyfriend, but he sometimes(maybe always) act very childish, it's a turn-off to me.
He want to do something today, and something else tomorrow, he doesn't
seem to know what he's going to do, and sees the goal in his life and walk on steadily....and he doesn't seem to know what he really wants.
He sometimes act naive like a little boy hooking up with an elder lady...thouh he's older than bothers me, but I don't want to tell him since I love him, so I just pretend as if I like it....I
don't like little boys and I really love when men act like men and
being mature, so it's painful.

I'm quite confused. Does he really love the music I love, love the movies I love, like i used to think?
Are we really soul mates as I believed? Cause he does not oppose me, in anything...whenever I change my mind, or mentioning a movie I like, or something he always agrees with me, always...
Now I feel I cannot discuss decisions with him, cause he would agree with anything I said
What I want is a man with mature mind, who can give me suggestions and don't afraid to tell me I'm wrong...but I cant tell him about this

I used to feel the connection and communication of our soul and mind all in one, which I can't see anymore these days, I
don't know if his mind ever get close to my spiritual world as I once believed, it's annoying and painful, as I love him, and I realized I don't love little boys....

Do you have your boyfriend act naive sometimes, or is it just men?

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Well girl ur relationship needs a higher level to understand each other's critical point of misery that's creating confusions and difficulties in ur relationship...

If as a girl u really thinks that his childish play and attitude is silly and driving u crazy and then seriously u've to tell ur immature boyfriend to act like a gentleman, act like mature decent person, act like a lover who serenades the words of love like a fanatic\enthusiastic person...I wonder when people finds their love, their level of attraction and appealing is vanished from the moment they get love....why so????

Moreover, girl u have to concentrate and be focused in mind that aren't u the reason for his childish act...did u do something that annoyed him he hiding something from u? blah blah, there could be any fault from ur side too? ponder!

There's one important thing i've to say that if it's a true love no matter what happens ,it'll return to u... cuz "what What Goes Around Comes Around" :)
"Certainly, once u find out the problem then he'll feel the connection and communication of ur soul and mind all in one"

Prayers for ya
:-) Never lose hope...
Hmmm, Lets see. ell I have to say I disagree with MAY this time. In fact you are proof of what I keep telling young people.
First off I would have to say I plainly advocate abandoned joy and free adult choice and openly suggest that men wait till they are thirtyish and ladies till twenty-five before involving in committed bf/gf, life partner relationships. Men should wait till they are in their thirties, so they can mature a bit and get where they need to be in their careers to support a family properly instead of being burdened by unnecessary responsibilities prematurely. Ladies should wait so they can understand better, what it is in life that is really important. If you do not feel fulfilled you will be unhappy which defeats the purpose of getting together.

Until then, Yeeehaaaa! And as the saying goes, “The world is your oyster baby” Go for it! Go find out what you like. Experiment! Try new things. Date many different people, but be yourself. Be safe. Be honest and no one should cry.

If you know the relationship is growing apart then it is my opinion, that you should be honest with yourself and brave enough to let him go so you can find your Mr Right. Until then, enjoy life as best you can.

You sound like his mother rather than his girlfriend. Just talk to him, you're telling the Beijing Stuff forum rather than your boyfriend. Communication is key in a relationship. Burying your issues with him will only encourages him to act the way he is and make you even more unhappy

In a relationship there is always a leader and a follower. You should had known what you were looking for at the start. Unless this is your first relationship
He seems like a happy big boy,men sometimes really act like that,not always,if your bf is a pity ALways plays like that,dont pretend as you like that (if you want him to be like it forever),why not talk to him what's your real thinking and what you like?
good luck!
Lol, your boyfriend is "hooking up with an elder lady"
what else do you need? it's right there in your face.
dump him, he's not worth your time.


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