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I heard of him before. A great inspiration when times doesn't seem to be going so well. Thanks for the reminder.
We are already much luckier than many others. We should not take things granted and have a meaningful life!

Yes, intelligent people know this but are often too caught up in their own (comparability petty) struggles to remember. In this dog eat dog world, we loose if we are not constantly vigilant.

Thanks again for the reminder


We constantly need be reminded to have a meaningful life.
this is guy is so cool!! he really is the man :)
Ahoooooo Kool!
He's rolling like a pro....
Thanks. U've changed ur profile photo, pretty good.

Ur welcome Stella


moving and inspirational. nice vid!
Thanks, inspired many!

I've seen his videos many times, I wish I had 10% of the will power that he has........... he's amazing and very inspirational.... 

Thanks for sharing


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