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From Changyucheng to Zhenbiancheng长峪城-镇边城 Greatwall on this Sat.(18. Feb. 2012)

You`d better have some experience on hiking. It will spend us almost 7~8 hours on climbing.If everything is ok, we can back to beijing at 7:30 pm.

we had never walking on this road before, and I haven`t GPS, We just like exploring this place.We need find way together. But don`t worry,many people have been there before and I had check some maps.

You just need to pay for yourself traffic fee maybe CNY 20 at most(public traffic), we need to rent black cab in Yanqing, will be around CNY300 round trip,will spilt the bill according  how many person join us. you need to take some food and water for your lunch(only lunch,Don`t take too much,at least 3~4 bottles of water according yourself and weather ).

hiking boots are needed.

May be really cold, wear more to keep warm

  You`d better have some insurance. You must take care of yourself. You must take responable for  the safety of yourself (你要为自己的安全负责) .

We will meet at  beijing north railway station on 7:30 am , and then take train S203 to Yanqing, if you have traffic card,  dont need to buy tickets, if you dont have,you need to buy ticket  in the ticket office first. the train will start at 7:58,  Dont  be late, if you cant catch the train , we will go without you.

Beijing north railway station is very close to Xizhimen station of Subway line 2.

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hi luanqi, i will come ...


My friend Jeff - do you remember him? - will come too!


see u there ^^

ok,see u

i'm coming

hi luanqi,

i will come. i will let you know if anyone else can make it too...

heys :)

ok,see u , dont be late :)

Sorry guys I'm not coming tomorrow.


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