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It is true that girls are very attracted to bad guy! How do you think why? Let's discuss and in the end I will give you an answer;)

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Coz girls are actually bad :)

i think the bad guy can give you happiness every day.why don't us like happiness every day?


Hmmmm I am not sure about happiness heh... After a while girls feel veeeery sad..


But I think that every (maybe not every) bad guy becomes a good one, when he meets a right person..and then girl will appreciate it even more...cuz she will know that she is "the one" in his life!!!

I agree with both the comments from Yinnon Sharon and Victoria Pavlova (WeiWei). Everyone has different expectations at different period. When we are young, we love advanture, supperise, so the "bad" guys will attract girls more. Once we fall in love with someone, we expect us to be the only one in each other's eyes. And that, I believe both girls and boys are appreciated.

Do you feel attracted to bad boys? I like bad boys (well lets say men heh), cuz it is fun to make them good to you and in the same time they will still have this exeptional sense of humor;) 



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