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" THERE was, said Claudio Abbado, a certain sound to snow ..."


THERE was, said Claudio Abbado, a certain sound to snow. It did not come from walking on it. If you stood on a balcony, too, you could hear it. A falling sound, fading away to nothing, pianissimo, like a breath ...


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Right on the dot...the organized stampede

Mmm, mmmmmm, mmmmmmmmmm. There's nothing like a fresh pineapple, mangosteen, kiwi or strawberry.  Well, at least those are my favorite fruits anyways.  I have to admit that whether it is a favorite fruit, candy, a favorite dish or meal, my mouth begins to salivate; sometimes just by the thought of eating one.  However, there is just something I can’t really wrap my head around.  Maybe it is because I am a ‘privileged’ citizen from a modern nation, with access to certain ‘luxuries’ and…


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The Spring Festival(一)

The following is an incomplete list of beliefs that vary according to dialed groups/individuals:

Good luck:

---Opening windows and doors is considered to bringthe good luck of the new year.…


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Center of the Universe

Lives will forever be changed, all life would cease to exist and/or the world as we know it would be only an afterthought.  Let’s admit it, this is what most of us perceive to be the case if we ourselves, on an individual basis, no longer existed.  Sounds quite narcissistic right?  Be it as it may, or may not be, a selfishly conjured up notion such as this can’t be thought of as anything other than narcissistic and egotistical –at least in my own ‘humble’…


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I Love Canada



Aug. 12 - Moved to our new home in Canada.

I am so excited. It's so beautiful here. The mountains are so majestic.

Can hardly wait to see them with snow covering them.


Oct. 14 - Canada.  

It is the most beautiful place on earth. The leaves have turned all colors and shades of red and orange. Went for a ride through the beautiful countryside and saw some deer. They are so graceful. Certainly they are the most wonderful animals on earth.  This must…


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Origin of American Idioms and Slang and more.. online 24/7

Cool English words you didn't know existed and their origins. words like nomophobia (afraid to lose your cellphone); contronyms: (sick means good); biohacker (hightech experiment on your body)..4 years of podcasts. hundreds of words and their history .... bilingual (Chinese and English)

Origin of American Idioms and Slang

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The Spring Festival

      Far and away the most important holiday in China is the Spring Festival, also known as the Chinese New Year. To the Chinese people it is as important as Christmas to people in the West. The dates for this annual celebration are d etermined by the lunar calendar rather than the Gregorian calendar, so the timing of the holiday varies from January to early February.

     To the ordinary Chinese, the festival actually begins on the eve of the lunar New Year's Day and ends on the…


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Happiness of being sad ,




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27/beijing girl find serious relationship

1.27/girl:many generations live in beijing(all family members)

2.really individual/confidence. (just feel have diffirent"start line", believe and should believe in myself.)

3.many free time (one day work,then two days will be off. about techinical of Virtual Studio) westerner's appearance/culture(freedom and equal)

5.good at swim(swim 1 hour all the time/dont need have a rest)

6.Studing: guitar by myself/Argentine Tango at "dong si shi tiao". Waltz…


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If really marriage is just paper , why not give?


人们往往不轻易 送给别人 自认为重要,珍贵的东西。




是否因 即使真正生活在一起,但仍然 很在乎证书,不能像 给一张纸似的 轻易送人?


是婚前有性的借口?还是利用别人looking for fun 的借口?或其他?


chinese translate into english,i guess the english will difficult to understand.

who want to modify? thanks!!


(some people say: it is the very important to have sex…


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Say hi to all of you who see this msg

  Hey guys, 

  I haven't been here for months, I hope you guys are doing well.

  I knew some friends here, and I appreciate it. 

  Hmm, I just wanna say hi to you guys~~


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Join NB Noise's Party Crew - Get on the guest list

NB Noise is a newly created event company dedicated to bringing the best of Europe's House, Electro and Techno underground scene to China. The founders include industry veterans who have joined forces to help push the Beijing & Shanghai club scene forward in new and exciting ways. With over 30 years of combined club and party experience and 20+ years of experience in China they are a tight-knit group with a lot of connections.

Get on the guest list for our upcoming event "Neon…


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Lewis Liu

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For hobby、 make friends and know more knowledges.I help friend to sell lots of diffirent types is in Sanlitun

1.For hobby、 make friends and know more knowledges.I help friend to sell lots of diffirent types wines.include all kinds of Sherry wines! 2.The wine shop is in Sanlitun,Beijing,China. Welcome to visit here. Shop can use delivery service too .

3.I can supply wine for restaurants,bars,events and personal use. Price from 45RMB to 3000RMB,Diffirent countries wines.

4. Please contact me if you need any wine! I can send wine list PDF and wine shop address to you.

Email: …


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Chinese words 1—有鼻子有眼

有鼻子有眼 (yǒu bí zǐ yǒu yǎn)

Vivid description; description full of details


Wǒ xiǎng tā bú huìpiàn wǒ, yīn wéi tā shuō de yǒu bí zǐ yǒu yǎn

I don’t think he lied to me because he decribed the whole thing in vivid detail.

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Miss China and the good people there!

After living in China for 10 years, I went back home to the USA and have been here for the past 2 years.  I find myself missing the Chinese culture and people.  I don't miss the pollution and crowds but in a funny way, I sort of do...Chinese people are so nice and it's so much easier to make real friend in China than home in the USA.  I seem to feel more comfortable around Chinese people...didn't think I would feel this way but I miss China, especially the good friends and their smiles.

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The golf opening eye. Of the autumn moon Winked slyly, a grin. In a metro window. The passengers dozed, iPhones and no ideas. Lost in their labours, So the yolk of light Gilded the shadows Of two hu…

The golf opening eye.

Of the autumn moon

Winked slyly, a grin.

In a metro window.

The passengers dozed,

iPhones and no ideas.

Lost in their labours,

So the yolk of light

Gilded the shadows

Of two human lumps.

Stuck around a bag

Of all earthly goods,

Wandering the dao

Of the Chinese night.

Weed-like she wrapped.

Him tight to her lips

To whisper in smiles

Each part English name.

Of each passing… Continue

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Gotta get back...

Love everything about Beijing, I've been away for four years and it has been difficult. Coming to the close of my studies, I'm obsessed with getting back there and building a career.

Since I met some of my best friends in Beijing, I can't wait to make some new ones :)

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A Look Into The Teaching/Modeling Scenario In Beijing

To an alien familiar with China, it is of no secret that working as a part time teacher or even getting acting/modeling assignments are great ways to earn a fast buck. Of course, Europeans and Americans and the likes are also open to dating/getting married to (probably rich) Chinese men or even women who crave for the fantasy of the white skin. Yes, such immense obsession that this potential superpower has with the actual superpower; it is…


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